The cost of solar panels can be offset by the savings

Solar panels are expensive. They’re not a small investment that you make on your roof to save a few bucks a month on your electricity bill. The average cost is around $10,000 or more. And that’s just for the solar panels. The installation fees are added and can vary largely depending on your area. You can get the 30%¬†federal tax credit and other rebates. But it is still a large sum comparing to other home improvements. You might not ever to recoup the amount it you’re going to move in a few years. With today’s job market, you just don’t know when you have to move out of the area.

However, if you’re already retired or near retirement, or have a job that’s tenured or self employed, solar panels can be a good investment. It might take you years to recoup the cost, but you’re doing something good for the environment and you will recoup eventually. Just won’t happen in 5 or 8 years.