Homemade Solar Panels – How to Build Your Own Solar Panels & Save 80% on Utility Bills!

Making your own solar power panels helps you save money on your utility bills by ensuring your alternative energy source is renewable and sustainable over the lifespan of the panels. In addition, you are protecting the environment as solar power does not emit harmful gases into the air in the process.

Contrary to general believe, assembling your solar panel is not as hard as it is made out to be and you do not need special technical skills. In fact, the components are easily bought from the local hardware store and the basic materials you need are very easily found toolkit items. The basic materials are namely plywood, salt, copper wire, sandpaper, metal scissors etc are very common and affordable.

Simply ensure that you have a rooftop which directly faces the sun and with extensive sunlight. Ensure that the angle and location where you place your homemade solar panels are in the position of capturing the optimal amount of sunlight. If you do not have a large sun facing rooftop, use your backyard or garden.

It is important to note that the solar panels absorb and collect the UV wavelengths of the sunlight for conversion into electricity. Hence, the cells are capable of collecting and storing energy, i.e. the UV wavelengths even in cloudy weather. The only difference is that in a sunny day, the solar panels work better and less hard.

At less than 200 dollars to build and install, your homemade solar power systems simply costs about 6 percent of a 3000 dollar professionally ready made panel. Not to mention that this is an initial setup cost will very quickly pay for itself almost in the first month of usage when the electricity cost savings you immediately gained more than off set the setup cost.

You will need a good guidebook for your homemade solar panels system which provides specific instructions and design diagrams. Make sure you choose one with member forums for discussion as well as step by step videos that walk you through the critical steps and you are good to go. If you think that this would be expensive, well think again, as this manual usually cost less than a good meal.

So start reducing your carbon footprint, start building your very own solar panels and Start cutting your utility bills by at least half.

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