Homemade Solar Panels – The Pros and Cons of DIY Solar Power For Homes

Solar energy is a technology which has been around for more than 20 years, and has recently taken the lead as an alternative fuel source, thanks to the high and fluctuating oil prices. This is especially so in these times of global economic crisis with shrinking household budgets and escalating utility bills.

The benefits of using solar energy to power your home are well documented. While oil requires expensive exploration and holds consumers ransom by its fluctuating prices, sunlight for solar power is absolutely free. Sunlight is not only free to all, it is also a constantly renewable source of power and is an alternative clean natural fuel source by the gift of mother nature. Solar power comparatively is a better fuel source for us as it does not discharge harmful gases unlike oil. It is no wonder that many households have begun switching to solar power for homes as their key energy source.

In light of the escalating utility bills, many people either have problems paying their bills or drastically cutting back on usage in order to make ends meet. Adopting solar power by building your own solar panels to generate electricity is a proven effective solution to the above problem. And the best part of it is, you need not have to change your lifestyle or cut usage just to pay your bills.

High cost of purchase and installation of the solar panels used to be the key setback for solar power to take off. But this situation no longer poses as hindrance to solar power development, especially when building solar power for homes with the do it yourself approach. Guides and instruction manuals have become available online which provide specific instructions on how to build your own solar panels for home use. Some better ones even have step by step videos that walk you through the every critical stage as well as a member forum for discussion. The cost of components and materials do not even exceed 200 dollars if you so choose to build it yourself.

In this difficult economic downturn, especially when you are never sure if you will still be able to bring home your next pay check, a dime saved is a dime earned. And being self reliant on homemade solar power is a great start towards being liberated from high escalating costs. In fact, it has been tried and tested by feedback from existing users that those claims of 80 percent savings in utility bills are true.

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