Outdoor solar lights are very easy to install

Outdoor solar lights are very easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Plus they provide free electricity. You can purchase them at any home improvement stores. Most outdoor solar lights have solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity. And then the electricity is stored in batteries to be used at night. The price of solar lights have become cheaper and cheaper. You can buy half dozen for around $25. They basically need no installment. Simply follow the instructions and place them wherever you would like to.

They will work in any areas as long as you receive adequate amount of sunlight during the day. You don’t need to live in a bright sunny area to enjoy solar lights.

Since outdoor solar lights have become so inexpensive, check with the manufacturer to see if replacement bulbs or batteries are available. Some units do not provide replacement options. In other words, they are pretty much one time use. Once the bulbs are out, you have to get new ones.

Source: EERE